Cover Reveal & Giveaway ~ Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott

Hey guys!! I'm so excited to be able to share this great news with you. Salt & Stone FINALLY has a cover! And... Fire & Flood (Paperback) also has a new cover. Yes, it's what you think it is. They re-designed the covers mid-series. I do like the new covers, BUT the eyes kind of remind me of Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi. So without further ado, here are the covers!

Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood, #2)
Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood #2) by Victoria Scott

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What would you do to save someone you love?

In Fire & Flood, Tella Holloway faced a dangerous trek through the jungle and across the desert, all to remain a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed for a chance at obtaining the Cure for her brother. She can't quit--she has to win the race, save Cody, and then fight to make sure the race stops before it can claim any more lives. In the next legs of the race, across the ocean and over mountains, Tella will face frostbite, sharks, avalanche, and twisted new rules in the race.

But what if the danger is deeper than that? How do you know who to trust when everyone's keeping secrets? What do you do when the person you'd relied on most suddenly isn't there for support? How do you weigh one life against another?

The race is coming to an end, and Tella is running out of time, resources, and strength. At the start of the race there were one hundred twenty-two Contenders. As Tella and her remaining friends start the final part of the race, just forty-one are left--and only one can win.

Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood, #1)
Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood #2) by Victoria Scott

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Time is slipping away....

Tella Holloway is losing it. Her brother is sick, and when a dozen doctors can't determine what's wrong, her parents decide to move to Montana for the fresh air. She's lost her friends, her parents are driving her crazy, her brother is dying—and she's helpless to change anything.

Until she receives mysterious instructions on how to become a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed. It's an epic race across jungle, desert, ocean, and mountain that could win her the prize she desperately desires: the Cure for her brother's illness. But all the Contenders are after the Cure for people they love, and there's no guarantee that Tella (or any of them) will survive the race.

The jungle is terrifying, the clock is ticking, and Tella knows she can't trust the allies she makes. And one big question emerges: Why have so many fallen sick in the first place?

But, because Victoria is super-awesome, she is also giving away an eGalley of Salt & Stone and some other great books and goodies. You can enter to win all those things in the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. I cannot WAIT for this book! Oh my goodness, too excited!

  2. How did I miss these books?! I love the story line, sounds exciting and a great read!