Out Today! 11/24/14

Out Today is my weekly post where I feature all the books that are coming out this week.

On the Edge by Allison van DiepenGirl Online by Zoe SuggCaptive by Aimee CarterEndsinger by Jay Kristoff

On the Edge by Allison van Diepen [Amazon | Book Depository | My Review]
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg [Amazon | Book Depository]
Captive by Aimee Carter [Amazon | Book Depository]
Endsinger by Jay Kristoff [Amazon | Book Depository]

The Shape of My Heart by Ann AguirreUnraveling You by Jessica SorensenThe Law of Moses by Amy HarmonTrashed by Jasinda Wilder

The Shape of My Heart by Ann Aguirre [Amazon | Book Depository]
Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen [Amazon]
The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon [Amazon]
Trashed by Jasinda Wilder [Amazon]

The Darkest Touch by Gena ShowalterThe King by Tiffany Reisz

The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter [Amazon | Book Depository]
The King by Tiffany Reisz [Amazon | Book Depository]

It's another slow November week again, but there are definitely a few more books coming out this week than there were last week. I have already read one of them, and I posted my review a couple of days ago. It's On the Edge by Allison van Dieppen, but I have to say, I wasn't really impressed. Another book I am really excited about is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg! If you didn't know, Zoe is one of the most popular UK youtubers, also known as Zoella.

What books would you like to read this week? Or have you already read some of them?

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  1. Wow, I'm totally out of the loop-I had no idea some of these were releasing today! The Law of Moses is pretty intriguing, it seems different from anything I've read before. I'm excited about Captive too, I liked the first book well enough but am hoping for a little improvement. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yep, I was really surprised to see some of them come out too! I didn't give The Law of Moses too much attention, but I'll be on a lookout for some reviews and see if the book is good. I still have to Pawn to be able to read Captive, but I hope you like it when you read it!

  3. Captive! How I long for Captive. I preordered it in JULY. July. Am I reading it today? NOPE. Thanks for nothing, Amazon. They said they'd "try" to get it to me by December 25. Um, no? So I ordered it from BAM. Thanks for listening to my tale of woe ;)

    I am also excited for Shape of My Heart. Because I need more BSB stuck in my head, obviously. No, I really liked the first book, and have (but haven't read) the second. And I didn't know Girl Online was releasing already, I have been interested in that one too!

    Definitely slow, but better than last week (what WAS that!?)

  4. At least you live in the US and have all the options in the world [at least without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money on the shipping]. But I mean December 25th? Wait, what? That's like a month after the books release, it's crazy!

    The Shape of My Heart sounds really great, but I have to read I Want It That Way first. I'm really behind on a lot of books.

  5. Very good point! I just want to read it before I accidently read too much about it ;) And I am so behind too! I was trying to come up with a review for tomorrow... but I have no books read! Hopefully we'll catch up soon!