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They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire
They All Fall Down
by Roxanne St. Claire

Publishing date:
October 14th 2014
Publisher: Delacorte Press
256 pages

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Pretty Little Liars meets Final Destination in this YA psychological thriller that will have readers' hearts racing right till the very end!

Every year, the lives of ten girls at Vienna High are transformed.

All because of the list.

Kenzie Summerall can't imagine how she's been voted onto a list of the hottest girls in school, but when she lands at number five, her average life becomes dazzling. Doors open to the best parties, new friends surround her, the cutest jock in school is after her.

This is the power of the list. If you're on it, your life changes.

If you're on it this year? Your life ends

I was a little afraid to pick this one up as the description says "Pretty Little Liars meets Final Destination". I'm glad I didn't think this book had much in common with PLL because after Get Even by Gretchen McNeil, I don't think I'd be able to handle it. I liked that it had a Final Destination feel, but for me, it was more like a mix between The List by Siobhan Vivian and R.L. Stine's Fear Street books. But nonetheless, it was a thrilling ride from the start, and I'm happy I got to be on it.

Our main character, Kenzie Summerall, was a normal girl, a bit of a nerd with a high passion for a dead language, Latin. She had overprotective parents and she just wanted to get a scholarship so she can get away from them and go to a nice college. But then the "The Hottie List" happens and out of ten girls who made the list, she is placed fifth! She starts getting attention from everyone, and among them is Josh, a guy who she had a crush on. There is also Levi, a guy who she shouldn't like but she feels drawn to him even though everybody is warning her about him. But then, the girls who made the list start dying in unexplainable accidents, and as it seems, they're dying in order they were on the list. Kenzie has to figure out what is happening, because she's fifth and it's almost her turn.

I know this book may seem a little bit of a cliche with a love triangle, but it's really not like that. Yes, there are two guys, but it's clear from the start were it is heading. I even really LIKED the romance even though I don't usually like when there's more then one guy in play. But the book itself was really great! From the moment you start reading They All Fall Down you get sucked into the story, the excitement, the mystery... and I just couldn't PUT THE BOOK DOWN! The book kept me guessing things all the time and I was trying to figure out what is happening and who the villain is. Every now and then we'd get a twist and I'd be back to square one with my guessing. It's what made this book so amazing! The mystery behind the book is just so addicting!

Another thing that needs mentioning is the cover! I realized while I was discussing it with my friend Zemira from YA Fanatic that we both thought it was blood surrounding girls heads, BUT GUYS, IT'S THE RED DISHES!!! How freaking genius is that?? Big props for the cover, Delacorte Press!

All in all, as you can conclude from my review, I really enjoyed the book! I'm not a big fan of a mystery novels, but They All Fall Down managed to keep me interested the whole time! So, if you're looking for a quick, fun mystery book, you can't go wrong with They All Fall Down. It's a perfect read for the upcoming Helloween!

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  1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it, I haven't gotten to it yet (though, it's high on my list) the whole Pretty Little Liars tag is what made me want to read it in the first place. But a love triangle? Ugh, at least it's not utterly annoying if you liked it, then I probably will too, I'm not totally opposed to them. ;) Love that it keeps you guessing too, I need that or I get bored, haha. :) I'm reading Dangerous Girls for Halloween, so adding this too!

  2. I was usually getting annoyed with love triangles in books, but recently I read a book and it was the exact feeling like here. Even though it was there I still knew from the start where this all was going so it didn't bother me at all. Also I love this cover and it's amazing and I'm glad that the story is great. Amazing review, Anatea :)

  3. Well, I now need this book! I was wary at first (just based on the synopsis) but I keep reading really great things! I thought it was blood too! That is a pretty amazing cover, I swore it was blood, but nope, you're right! I don't really get irritated with love triangles, so I think I am good there too. This book sounds really good, great review!

  4. OMG, you're right about the cover - I thought it was blood.
    I've noticed this book a lot around blogosphere last week, it did catch my attention with creepy cover, but your review is that extra push to read it.

  5. I hope you like it when you read it Kirsty!

  6. I know. I usually really don't like love triangles, but then, there are books in which they just work.

  7. I hope you read it Shannon. I can'r wait to see what you think about it!