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Stim by Kevin Berry Stim
by Kevin Berry

Publication Date:
October 16th 2013

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Robert is different. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. He experiences the world differently to 99% of the population. Follow his entertaining and highly empathetic story as he struggles to realise and accept who he really is, try to understand other people—which he cannot—and find a girlfriend. Especially find a girlfriend—he’s decided it’s his special project for the year. Accompanied on this transformative journey by his quirky flatmates, Chloe (who also has Asperger’s, amongst other things), Stef (who hasn’t, but doesn’t mind) and their oddly-named kitten, Robert endures a myriad of awkward moments in his quest to meet a nice, normal girl…and not even a major earthquake will stop him.

This absorbing and humorous story is starkly told from Robert’s point of view, through the kaleidoscope of autistic experience.

When I saw this book, I immediately knew I wanted to read it. This book is so different from everything else I ever read, and that's exactly what I was hoping I would get. Something different and refreshing, but also useful.

This is a story of an Aspie, Robert who is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. This year he went to college and he set himself a goal. To find a girlfriend and have sex. But this may not be as easy for him as it seems because his aspie ways always get in the way.

What I really liked about this book is that it deals with a subject I know nothing about, but should know. I never met a person who has Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Of course, I heard about them and I knew they were some kind of behavior disorder, but that is all. I was completely unaware of it, never gave it much thought. In some ways, Stim opened my eyes and made me see that there are people who see the world differently. I am not sure if Kevin Berry is an Aspie himself, but either way, he did a great job trying to bring us closer to understanding a mind of an Aspie. How do they see the world? Why do they act that way? Why don't they understand this? Why did they say that? Those are just some of the questions whose answers you can find in this book.

I loved Robert! He was really funny at times, but sometimes he also made me very sad. It's not possible for you not to sympathize with him. He was lucky as he had a great friend Chloe who helped him in many situations. It was great watching how she helped him to become more confident, more aware of the ways of a person on Autism Spectrum and how to understand people who are normal, or Non Spectrum.

Stim is a book that is definitely worth reading, and also it would be very useful, especially if you know someone who has Autism. If you are curious about this subject, I definitely recommend this book.

Kevin Berry

Kevin Berry is an indie author. His particular niche is writing Aspie New Adult contemporary novels set in an earthquake zone. The first of these is STIM, published in October 2013.
His first novels, co-written with Diane Berry, are Dragons Away!, Growing Disenchantments and Fountain of Forever (humorous fantasy). These are available as paperbacks and ebooks at Amazon and elsewhere.

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  1. Great review, Anatea! Robert sounds like an easy to like protagonist and any book with humor is a winner, imo ;) It sounds like it balances the more sad/serious aspects of the book, too.

  2. Never read a book about someone suffering from Asperger Syndrome so this definitely intrigues me!