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The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1)
by C.J. Duggan
Publication Date:
December 17th 2012
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
294 pages

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Book Description:
It seemed only natural to nickname them the ‘OnslowBoys’. Every time they swaggered in the front doorof the Onslow Hotel after a hard week’s work, their laughter was loud and genuine as they settled onto their bar stools. I peeked through the restaurant partition, a flimsy divider between my world and theirs. I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw them, saw him ... Toby Morrison.

Quiet seventeen-year-old Tess doesn’t relish the thought of a summertime job. She wants nothing more than to forget the past haunts of high school and have fun with her best friends before the dreaded Year Twelve begins.
To Tess, summer is when everything happens: riding bikes down to the lake, watching the fireworks at the Onslow Show and water bomb fights at the sweltering Sunday markets.

How did she let her friends talk her into working?

After first-shift disasters, rude, wealthy tourists and a taunting ex-boyfriend, Tess is convinced nothing good can come of working her summer away. However, Tess finds unlikely allies in a group of locals dubbed ‘The Onslow Boys’, who are old enough to drive cars, drink beer and not worry about curfews. Tess’s summer ofworking expands her world with a series of first times with new friends, forbidden love and heartbreaking chaos.

All with the one boy she has never been able to forget.
It will be a summer she will always remember.
Warning: sexual references, and occasional course language.

When I started The Boys of Summer I expected it to be a sweet New Adult novel with interesting characters and a cute romance. I'm happy to say it was all I hoped it would be.

The book focuses on three friends, Tess, Adam and Ellie and how they spend their summer before their 12th year at High School. While Adam and Ellie are really excited about their summer job at the local Onslow Hotel, Tess isn't quite fond of the idea. But as they start working, they meet The Onslow Boys and her long time crush Toby, Tess finds herself enjoying the job and the time she spends with them.

What I loved the most about this books are the characters and their relationship. C.J. Duggan spent a lot of time developing each and every one of them. Not only Tess, Ellie, Adam and the Onslow Boys, but also other secondary characters too. While Tess, Ellie and Adam have quite different personalities, they do have a strong friendship and they care about each other.
Tess is a little unsecure about herself and it was amazing to see how much she changed during the novel. Ellie was outgoing and bubbly and she was the one who encouraged Tess to do most things she normaly wouldn't. Adam was a bit of a clown. No mather what he did or said, I always found myself laughing or giggling. The Onslow Boys, even tought a few years older, accepted them and never treated them like naive High School kids.

The romance was sweet, and while Ellie and Stan hit it off pretty quickly, Tess and Toby took time while something between happened. It was never dull or borring and I found myself really enjoying it.

To sum it up, The Boys of Summer is a perfect summer read and I think fans of Jenny Han would really enjoy it. I look can't wait to read the next book in the series and I'm happy I'll be reading it in summer.

C.J Duggan is an Australian author who lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales, Australia.
The Boys of Summer is Book One in her Mature Young Adult Romance Series.

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  1. My favorite part of any contemporary is great chemistry between all the characters. Not just the romance too but between friends. When you have great dynamics like that in a book it makes it easy to get your emotions involved as well! I really want to read this one it sounds like a perfect sweet summer read!

    1. Yes exactly! I think you would enjoy it :)

  2. I am going to be adding this to my summer reads. I completely forgot about this book, and how badly I wanted to read it when it first came out. I like the fact that you said the romance between the two took some time which only makes it more believable and enjoyable.

    1. Yes, I don't really like the kind of insta love, so this one was really enjoyable.

  3. I love books that have strong friendships and a beautiful romance. It sounds like the author has done really well with her characters here. Beautiful review, Anatea. :)

  4. The does seem like the perfect summer romance read. I know Jasprit and a lot of other friends really enjoyed this, so I really must pick this up soon. Great review Anatea. :)

  5. Really great review, Anatea! I felt the same way about this book. Wasn't Adam just brilliant? I loved that me made my laugh so effortlessly. :)

  6. heyy! Good review!
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    thank you!<3