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Tell me something:
  • Do you like social media? Why or why not? What is your favorite social media to use (FB, twitter, GR, etc.)?

    My answer:
    I find this question very appropriate as an opening post on my blog.

    I have always used a lot of social media. First it was MySpace. I loved meeting new people there and just browsing throught the site. But then they changed everything and I stopped using it.

    Meanwhile, I started using Facebook. I still like and use Facebook very much. I love chatting with my friends and I like everything it has to offer. I always have very much fun with it.

    I also started using twitter, but I'm not a big fan really. I never know what to say or tweet and sometimes a few days pass before I tweet something.

    As I always loved to read, I found out about Goodreads, and I'm a member there 2 years. I love that it helps me to keep progress with my books and I love writing reviews. So that's how I came to the idea to make a blog about books.

    So that was my first post, and soon I'll post some reviews too. I hope you liked it!

    About Anatea Oroz

    Hi. I'm Anatea, a 23-year-old Croatian girl, living in Germany. I enjoy reading books, traveling, fashion and photography. Let me show you my world.
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    1 komentari:

    1. What an honor that TMST is your very first post!!! Welcome to the blogging world and to TMST! I loved your answer, its pretty much how I feel about social media as well. :) I never tried out myspace but I have heard a lot of poeple say what you did.
      I LOVE the header to your blog, its beautiful. I look forward to reading more posts by you!