Tell Me Something Tuesday (#2)

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert.

Tell Me Something:
  • Is your TBR pile out of control? How do you plan on taming it?

    My answer:
    Oh yes, it definitely is! I don't tend to accept to many books for review, I like to leave a little bit room for books I want to read, but I still have a lot.
    The biggest reason for my big TBR pile is that I don't stick to the plan. I make plan for when to read a book, but beeing a teenage girl, doesn't allow me that. I always have unexpected trips and stuff to do with my friends, and when I get home I'm always too tired to do anything but go to bed.

    I do have a few books I have to review for blog tours and some for the NetGalley but I think I'll make it all on time. As I said, I don't accept much books, so yeah, to get them all in time I just won't have that much time to read the books I really want to read.

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    Hi. I'm Anatea, a 23-year-old Croatian girl, living in Germany. I enjoy reading books, traveling, fashion and photography. Let me show you my world.
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    1. Hi!
      I think everyone I know has a TBR pile that is out of control, LOL! It's probabl a good thing that you don't accept a ton of requests bc that does leave you extra time to get the ones you need to done, and since you are a teenage girl (yay!) definitely leaving time for friends is important! :-)